Promotes the holistic development of children, families and communities    


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Bridge Foundation School Connect

What is School Connect?

GOAL: Creating a positive outlook to the wider community of Trinidad and Tobago on schools and communities working together.

Bridge Foundation believes that a school connect  is a much needed tool  to help bridge communities and schools. We hope we can make a difference in

  • bridging communities and schools;
  • raising awareness of schools in their communities;
  • enhancing schools profiles and creating opportunities for direct and indirect involvement of the wider community; and
  • building an active network that lays the foundation for future research and collaboration of NGO's interest in data collection.


Bridge Foundation School Connect follows the concept of the Read to Rise strategy o

f  One school at a time and One community at a time.

 Read to Rise works with the community to raise a reader. 

A community is made up of the families with schools often placed at the heart of the community. 

We work with the heart.

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"Story-telling is a diminishing practice within our communities that can be promoted through Read to Rise.  The sharing of stories can extend to the community and can build family, school and community literacy.
This statement allows us to use the school to connect as an interactive tool for schools to use and to share their stories.

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