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"If it works don’t fix it. There is truth in that old saying, however, the impetus for such a phrase may have to do with the fear of the unknown or perhaps a lack of imagination or knowledge of what to do next. However, where there is a will, there is a way; even in the midst of limited resources, innovation or creativity prevails.  

The Bridge Foundation through the Innovators Series will capture the innovations that exists in Caribbean, starting first in Trinidad and Tobago, despite all the odds.  Innovators may not meet the standards of an innovator but many come close. Individuals featured in the series may fall into the grey area of creativity but for simplicity sake, many will be called Bridge Innovators. 

The definition of innovation can be quite technical, and the Bridge Foundation will share some of those definitions with you through Resource Link which will include articles, resources, video's and links on innovation."

                                                   Anthea Mclaughlin,CEO of Bridge Foundation.

Resource Link

An example how HP:Let's Change the World promotes paretnership in communities

Example of Innovative Housing Communities