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Featured Summer Reading Books

Read to Rise Books inspired by Students of Guayaguayare R.C. School
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  Read to Rise Books

Featured Read to Rise Children Books

Read to Rise books were inspired by students of Guayaguayare R.C. School and created by students of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Department of Creative and Festival Arts (DCFA).

Click here to read There is an old man online.

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Click here to read Stanley online.

Click here to read NEVER TOO SMALL online.

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Read to Rise promotes home grown and international authors

Read to Rise  books are a medley of classics,fiction,non-fiction & adventure written by home-grown Caribbean authors and international authors. Read to Rise (RR) book selection offers diversity of experiences through picture books filled with coloured illustrations, adventures, animal stories, fiction & science fiction to appeal to all reading interests and ages.

 Read to Rise books for book rotation are targeted to two age groups:

1) 3-5

2) 5-8. 

Children of these age groups are given sets of books over a nine or twelve month period and are expected to enjoy the books intended to meet their curiousity for exciting stories and fun experiences.

Read to Rise depends on the discretion of teachers who are privy to the reading readiness of children in the classrooms. Some books are great for read-a-loud sessions or to be read in a group. 

Schools participating in the Read to Rise book rotation select how a book is read and parents also have the flexibility to read the book to their children anyway they wish. Read to Rise encourages collaborative reading which simply means reading together or side by side.