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Bridge Foundation Read to Rise 

What is Read to Rise?

The Read to Rise programme is part of the Bridge Foundation early literacy initiative which promotes reading for children age three (3) through eight (8).

It is a simple concept that draws on book lending, turn-key rotation and book exchange programmes implemented in schools and communities in the United States and across the world. 

The RR programme is a best practice model used by schools internationally to gently introduce books, to encourage reading between child and parent and to promote family- school- literacy collaboration.

Teachers, children and families collaborate to read and exchange books using a rotation method.

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  A lasting partnership

Read to Rise will become a permanent institutional practice in all schools in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean Region. 

Children drive the proces
Teachers implement the process

Administrators promote the process 

 Parents & family members encourage the process

How it Works ?

Children receive a bag of books through the classroom and are allowed to take the bag of books home to read and to enjoy independently and/or with family members. Once books are read, children return books either at the end of the week, every two weeks or every month. Children are subsequently given a new set of books until the book cycle is complete. The book cycle duration is nine or 12 months.
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Read to Rise programme:

1 book per month

9 books  per child

30 students per class; 2 classes per school

90 books per class per year; 180 books per school

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