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Participating schools for Read for the Record day throughout the yearsin Trinidad and Tobago
100% Reported from 2010-2015 

2010  -   2,314 students 
2011  -   9,029 students 
2012  - 23,090 students 
2013  - 25,494 students

2014 - 27,735 students

2015-  29,659 students

50% of schools reported for 2016 

2016- 11,094 students

12 schools reported out of 60 schools for 2017 

2017-2,739 students

2018 - Not yet reported

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Participating Schools for  Read For The Record

Read For The Record Day 2012
78 Schools: 23,090 

Read For The Record Day 2011
56 Schools: 9,029 Students

Read For The Record Day 2010
28 Schools:2,134 students

  • Aranguez Government Primary School
  1. Barataria AC Primary School
  2. Bethlehem Boys R.C School
  3. Bethlehem Girls R.C School
  4. Bishop Anstey Junior School
  5. Blackman’s Private School
  6. Bon Air Government Primary School
  7. Bon Air Government Primary School
  8. Carenage Boys Government School
  9. Chaguanas Government Primary School
  10. Chickland R.C Primary School
  11. Chinapoo ECCE Centre
  12. Curepe Educational Centre
  13. Curepe Presbyterian Primary School
  14. Diego Martin Boys R.C School
  15. Diego Martin Girls R.C School
  16. Diego Martin Government Primary School
  17. Dunross Prep School
  18. El Socorro ECCE Centre
  19. El Socorro North Government School
  20. Gran Couva R. C. Primary School
  21. Happy Days
  22. Holy Faith St. Bernadette’s Prep School
  23. Holy Faith St. Monica Prep School
  24. Holy Name Preparatory School
  25. Ideal Beginning Montessori School
  26. La Puerta Government Primary School
  27. Little Gems
  28. Mamoral #2 Primary School
  29. Maria Goretti Preparatory School
  30. Nelson Street Boys R.C School
  31. Nelson Street Girls R.C School
  32. Newtown Boys R.C School
  33. Newtown Girls R.C School
  34. Petit Valley Boys R.C School
  35. Petit Valley Girls R.C School
  36. Rosary Boys R.C School
  37. Sacred Heart Girls School
  38. San Fernando TML Primary School
  39. San Juan Presbyterian Primary School
  40. Sangre Grande R.C School
  41. St. Agnes AC Primary School
  42. St. Andrew’s Private School
  43. St. Augustine South Government School
  44. St. Joseph  Girls R.C School
  45. St. Ursula’s Girls AC School
  46. St. Xavier’s Private School
  47. The  Arbor School
  48. The International School of Port of Spain
  49. The University School
  50. Valsayn ECCE Centre

  • Aranguez Government Primary School

Barataria A.C Primary School

Bethlem Boys RC School

Bethlem Girls RC School

Bon Air Government Primary School

Carenage Boys' Government School

Carenage Girls' Government School

Chaguanas Government Primary

Chickland R.C Primary School

Curepe  Presbyterian school

Curepe Educational Centre

Diego Martin Boys' R.C School

Diego Martin Girls' R.C School

Diego martin Government Primary School

Excel Primary Composite

Four Roads Government Primary School

Gran Couva R.C Primary School

Holy Name Preparatory School

Maria Goretti Preparatory

Nelson Street Boys' R.C Primary School

Nelson Street Girls' R.C Primary School

Patma River Estate Primary School

Petit Valley Boys' R.C Primary School

Petit Valley Girls' R.C Primary School

Rosary Boys' R.C Primary School

San Fernando Girls' Government Primary School